Africa in my heart Rafaela Felgueiras

I want to tell you a story about my mother. In the 1960s, my maternal grandparents emigrated to Africa. My grandfather was a soldier in Mozambique and my grandmother was a teacher. They lived in Lourenço Marques (Maputo). They had a life above average, several maids, they left their jobs early and went to the cafes due to the heat. My grandmother got pregnant four times. Unfortunately one of them died. My mother was born in Nampula and my uncles in Lourenço Marques(Maputo). While my grandmother was working, two or three nannies were taking care of them at home. When my mother was four they went to Portugal due to the colonial war. Because my grandfather was a soldier they had a place to stay. Most of my maternal family emigrated to South Africa and are still there in Pretoria. Even today, when I go to my grandfather's house, I see many African sculptures. My grandmother and my mother use curry, traditional in Mozambique.