An unexpected visit Vanessa, Tomás e Milene

One summer day, some relatives came to visit me in Portugal. While we were having dinner, my uncle and aunt were telling stories about what they saw in Cape Verde. One morning, in Santiago island, Cape Verde, women were walking on the beach when one of them looked to the ocean and warned the others. They saw strange things appear and disappear. They decided to get closer. When they realized what it was they were frightened. They called people to help them figure out what it was. Maybe it was dolphins. That wasn’t normal. People and more strange species arrived. They were mermaids, more than 20. Each one of them sat on the rocks. 30 minutes later they were divided in two groups and made a circle. They were beating on the chest and humming, out of nowhere they disappeared. People were confused because at that time no one knew much about the sea, fish, etc. Next day, at the same time, women went there to see the mermaids again, but they didn’t show up. For years, this was a deserted beach .